Our Board of Directors

The JCP Board of Directors consists of JCP parents and teachers:

  • Co-Presidents (2 parents, elected)
  • Secretary (elected)
  • Treasurer (elected)
  • Class Representatives (one for each class)
  • Publicity/Outreach Coordinator
  • Event Coordinators (fundraising) (2 parents, share 1 vote)
  • Registration Coordinator
  • One Teacher attends each meeting (2 teachers share 1 vote)

Election of officers (Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary) takes place in May, with 1-2 year terms.

Preschool parents are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings, which are typically held in the classroom on the Second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Current Board Members (Fall 2018)

  • Patrick Klacza (co-president)
  • Taylor Beard (co-president)
  • Eliza Dorn (Secretary/Personnel)
  • Olga Harutyunyan (Treasurer)
  • Krista Jacoby (Registration Coordinator)
  • Talea Hayes (Class Rep M/W/F)
  • Geraldine McIntosh (Class Rep T/Th)
  • Maressa Jensen (Trustee)
  • Corey Murphy (Fundraising Co-Chair)
  • Vacant (Fundraising Co-Chair)
  • Vacant (Publicity)
  • Teachers (3 teachers share one vote)

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