Immunization Information

Returning Preschoolers

Preschooler immunization records are kept on file and you do not need to provide an updated copy unless your child received or needs additional shots this year. You can check with the Immunizations Coordinator if you are unsure.

New Preschoolers

Alaska regulations require that parents or guardians of each child being enrolled provide the childcare program or school with a copy of the child’s immunization record which: (1) lists dates and dose numbers for each vaccine and (2) has been signed or stamped by a medical provider.

These immunization records are updated by the doctor or nurse every time a child receives his/her vaccinations. To legally attend a licensed preschool children must:

  • be fully vaccinated for their age, or
  • be in the process of catching up on late immunizations, or
  • have a signed exemption from vaccinations for medical or religious reasons.

Exemption requirements have changed, effective 7/1/2013.
New and returning families requesting exemptions for medical or religious reasons must submit current forms with required doctor signature (medical) or notarization (religious) each year.

The following links from the AK Immunization Program website may be helpful:

Please mail or drop by a copy of your child’s immunization records by August 22 to:

Juneau Coop Preschool
ATTN: Immunization Coordinator
400 W 11th Street
Juneau, AK 99801

Alternately, you can scan a legible copy of the records (front and back) and email them to:

Once your child’s records are received you will be notified if any additional shots are required before the start of preschool.

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