Hi! My name is Lauren and I will be leading Pre-school Plus on Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.  I have two daughters currently enrolled at Thunder Mountain High School. They are both Girl Scouts, active in community sports, and once upon a time attended the Nursery School in the room next door to JCP. My oldest daughter was lucky enough to attend JCP with Teacher Mary.

I am a licensed educator specializing in art education. In addition to working at JCP, I am also currently employed with the Juneau School District Department of Teaching and Learning Support where I coordinate and maintain the elementary science kits. Over the years, I have also taught art at Juneau Community Charter School and have worked part-time at Mommy-N-Me Wear — all while balancing the never-ending art of being the primary “stay-at-home-parent.” I have volunteered in my daughters’ classrooms, attended field trips, and driven carpools. I have worked with children in a wide variety of settings, including summer camps, preschools, after school activities, and professional teaching.

I am excited by the opportunity to work, learn, and grow with your children. I love being outdoors, wild imaginations, and the never-ending enthusiasm, energy, and surprise children offer to this messy, wonderful life. Thank you for the gift of your children.

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